About Vamped Up

Established. 2008

Hi ^V^ee / ^V^amp barbie (Pamela Summers)  here!

I am excited to tell you a little about how Vamped Up the show within a show! We have interviews with famous bands, celebrities, the weird, wonderful and unique, strong touches of comedy with us you will never be bored. Hear from us weekly on our lives and attend our events! 

Our entire Crüe are not only musicians, but are actors, producers, directors among us ~ having performed nation wide and overseas. We are the Australia based entertainment, promotions and media company that is out to Rock! the world.

Stay tuned for our up and coming events and find out more of our history below. 

Love n blood,
VAMPED UP!🧛🏻‍♀️🎸🦇


Deathstars 2008 Australian Tour – (Mainstream band from Sweden) Pamela A.K.A ^V^ee accompanied them throughout Sydney & Brisbane whilst on tour


Dope & Soil Australian Tour – (Mainstream USA bands), Manning bar Sydney 2009 (Vamped posters & photos to verify) 


Dance Of The Dead Festival 2010 – K.C. & The Moonshine Band headlining from Canada, ^V^ee A.K.A Vamp Barbie interviewed bands in our unique Vamped Up style


Dead Of Winter Festival 2010 – Jubillee hotel Brisbane (The Dreamkillers headlining) (Have photos & footage to verify) Also our very first Vamped production on our own stage at this Festival (Comedic adult humour skit, all filmed) Interviewed bands in Vamp Barbie’s coffin (Have pictures)


Dead Of Winter Festival 2011 – (Frenzal Rhomb & Polaris Headlining)

Vamp Barbie was hosting parades & best costume competition as well as some interviews with the bands.


2012 – 2018 – Juggling major health issues for quite some time along with being a single mum raising a young child.


2019, 12thof May – Re – Vamped, Vamped Up with our own dedicated production crew, which are still present & strong today.


Witches & Zombies Tour 2019, Mo’s Desert Clubhouse, Gold Coast – Kaosis from New Zealand Headlined, also have separate video interviews with each band from this event on youtube. Our production crew filmed the entire event from beginning till end. 


Dead Of Winter Festival July 13th2019 – Our crew filmed the entire event from beginning till end, including all the band interviews prior in our own studio & the rest of the bands during the event.


OutMoshYaMa Festival July 2019, Brisbane – Frankenbok headlining from Melbourne, our crew filmed the entire event & interviewed every band with separate video interviews. 


August 2019 – Many separate band interviews at our studio prior to another major festival, which was Shredfest.


Shredfest 2019, August 31st– Our production crew filmed the entire event as well as interviewing all 44 bands that were at the Festival. 


September 2019 – Interviewed some of the Wallapalooza lineup prior to the Festival at our studio.


Wallapalooza 2019, September 14th, Wallaby hotel, Gold Coast – Our production crew filmed the entire event from beginning till end, including interviews with all of the rest of the bands. We also had Davo from Rebel FM, The Rock Station, that Vamp Barbie interviewed.


Halloween Hysteria 2019, 25th– 26thof October – 2 days, 2 nights of an epic Halloween festival with Cosmic Psycho’s headlining the first night & Dead Letter Circus headlining the Second night. Our crew filmed the entire 2 day, 2 night event, interviewing every single band.


Bite Club World Premier 2019 1stof November, Brisbane – Our very first film premier, where we interviewed the Directors, Producers & Actors & had the opportunity to watch this film before it was exposed to the public. Our production crew filmed this entire event, including the interviews with all the Actors, Producers and bands such as Darkcell, Trinatyde and Riggs from Rob Zombie and Awaken Solice.


Mikky, The 14 Year Old Guitar Genius – Vamped Up Charity work. Mikky was diagnosed with Autism, Speech Delay, Global Development Delay, Low Vision Disorder & Rare Growth Disorder, very touching but fulfilling interview.


Psycho Circus 2019 – This is Darkcells event (Mainstream Band), our production crew filmed the entire event and we interviewed everyone, including Darkcell, who were headling. Darkcell have performed with Ministry, Motionless In White & Dope as well as many more.


Nightmare Before Christmas 2019 – Our production crew filmed the entire event as well as separate interviews. 


Obituary Tour 2020, January 17thwith Support act, Wormrot (from Indonesia) – Obituary, a legendary band from Florida U.S.A, This was such an honour to interview such a legendary status band.


Vamp Barbie maintained great friends with Virus, the lead guitarist from the mainstream U.S band, Dope and interviewed Virus via Skype.


Vamp Barbie maintained friends with Svetlanas from the Dead Of Winter Festival 2019 & arranged a skype interview with Olga (lead singer) & the rest of the Svetnanas band during covid times


Hess Heavy Metal (Brazilian Mainstream Band) Interview via Skype with the female fronted Melani Hess.


Various filmed Interviews in our studio prior to our Vamped Up birthday streams such as Kris Peters from world renowned Heavy Mag, who we are great friends with till this day.


Prize giveaways from our sponsors Beserk & Electric Witch on our birthday live streams


We had many bands that adored us on our birthday Livestream event, which many people tuned into.


Interview with solo death metal act, Foulbody Autopsy via skype 


Most notorious interview re-created with Zain from Purple Zain (Michael Hutchence & Paulie yates interview re-created)

Where we recreated the exact same bedroom scene including the bed sheets, pillows & walls.


Bill ‘O’ Bearst Jr. (Cult Horror Actor), who has performed alongside Rob Zombie & many other mainstream actors.


Summary: from then on, we did Vamped Up Live, where we encouraged the viewers to ask questions in our live chat whilst interviewing interesting characters, tik tok influencers, actors & event owners throughout Australia, Beginning from weekly to twice weekly to thrice weekly.


Vamped Up does Impact Pro Wrestling (IPW) – We interviewed all the wrestlers and all the fans, Young & Old. Our production crew filmed this entire event from beginning till end.


Summary: A plethora of Livestream interviews 2-3 times a week at our studio in Robina of many bands around Australia and zoom livestreams internationally with bands and other entertainers. For a second time we were asked again to film the entirety of Halloween Hysteria 2022 & Wallapalooza 2022.


Our Party Festival 2022 Chardons Corner Hotel  – Our own Festival where many bands wanted to jump on board because of our stature, we had a huge double headliner, Witchgriner & Our Last Enemy & Vamped Barbie wanted to bring back our own production, which we did & everybody loved and lots of other alternative entertainment, which viewers boasted about, because we did it unlike any other festival, which was filmed by our marvellous crew and our alternative entertainment was compared by our magnificent business consultant Daniel Brimblecombe, who made many of our recent successes come to fruition. 

Pamela Summers AKA. Vamp Barbie

Pamela Summers AKA. Vamp Barbie

CEO & Founder

Hello you Delightful pieces of Darkness… I’m ^V^amp Barbie ~ Vee

CEO, founder, managing director of Vamped Up! , Host, Actress, Entertainer, Dancer, singer/songwriter, composer.

I love the Howls & Growls of a lead guitar, & love chicks that shred! If you have a guitar I’ll be all over it & tech talking about your axe toys! 😉

Music bleeds into my veins since birth, family play instruments & constant music in my household., always played Loud & Proud! 

Music is the Blood coursing through my veins the Blood of My life ~ without Music I may as well be Dead. ^V^ee 💋🧛🏻‍♀️🖤🦇🩸

Zane Drak

Zane Drak

Operations Manager

I’m Zane, the Operations Manager at Vamped Up, i make sure all aspects of our events and business related activities run smoothly and efficiently. If you are a band agent, company sponsor, event sponsor, promoter or any contact of significance, im the one you want to approach first.
I have been working at Vamped Up! for 3 years, and am here to stay in the long run!

Email Address ~ zanedrakk@gmail.com

As for my personal interests, i enjoy music such as Alt Metal, Metalcore, Alt Rock, Nu Metal, Industrial Metal & Groove Metal. I also enjoy playing video games (When i have the time),
Such as ~ The Last Of Us, Uncharted, Half Life, Call Of Duty, Battlefield, as well as many others

PSN Tags ~ zanedrak26 & ZANE_DRAK

Joe Bon MacPhail

Joe Bon MacPhail

Video Producer

Hello! I’m Joe! You can generally find me behind the camera at Vamped Up Productions as well as assisting with internal operations. I first realised my life path would be one surrounded by music the moment I first listened to Uriah Heap when I was 7 years old.

Aside from producing video content through my production studio Vagabond Visions, I am a musician mainly known for my work with my band The Vultures. I just love being creative and bringing artistic ideas to life!

Daniel Brimblecombe

Daniel Brimblecombe

Consultant & Event Partner

Aiden Ossovani

Aiden Ossovani


Hi I’m Aiden! I’ve been making fun content since my first Motorola RAZR flip-phone. I’m chuffed to be part of the Vamped Up Crüe producing content for print and screen — but with a few upgrades since the Motorola.

Our Crüe are as passionate as I am about making cool stuff and supporting artists. Hope you enjoy following along for the ride!